Monday, December 22, 2014

New app on its way

I am tired of the current situation of meeting new people and the current methods. It's not time and resource efficient at all, while results may vary from fail to semi-success (end results of the meeting process)

Like many fields in life, the first to arrive the finish line, would mostly likely to win (by pre-defined rules of the game or competition) My app will disable this FIFO so called service that the world lives by, giving all equal rights without the element of time first to get- first to win.

I am going to build an app that will minimize time waste and offer the best results for meeting new people for any pre-defined purpose. The algorithm will use AI and the project will use big data, mining, math calculations (deterministic and stochastic variables) analytics, etc.
Once I have MVP, I will run tests to train my algorithm to have better search results.
I will roll out a beta for friends once I get a stable version of the app.

Interesting times ahead :)

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