Monday, December 18, 2017

Current things on my plate

I refined my last post and the following are the most important at the moment:

  1. Self-improvement courses - once done I will post lessons learned, my personal impression and recommendations.
  2. Social tech venture search - I am soon to start the undergoing search for the one purpose that will give me the most significant contribution to society. I am also checking an external procedure to help refine my search more quickly. I will update on the fly.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Plans for 2018

So it's been almost 3 years since I wrote my last post here.
In brief, since my last post, I left my job at the Israeli Bitcoin Association (+Bitcoil) 
Most of 2015 was invested in job search till March 2016. Then, I started a position as QA and Tier 1-2 Technical Support at an online marketing startup. I really enjoyed working with very high quality people. In Feburary 2017 I had a new job as System Engineer at a project company, but unfortunately it didn't last long. Fast forward to today (end of November 2017) I work as a System Engineer (also known as Technical Projects Manager or System Expert) in a Travel IT company, which is great since it's a position with many interfaces and touch many IT fields.

Okay, so after the above update. Let's talk what's on my mind and what is to come in the near future.

I am a true believer in self development. I have registered to 2 workshops. One is about "what I want to do when I grow up". I know that my life purpose (career wise) is to have a big social impact using the technology world. It should be a company that its purpose is social or my job description would be social. I am taking this workshop to understand better the "HOW" and "WHAT" to achieve this. The second is a general self improvement workshop called "Essence workshop" by well know organization called Hummanication. Once done with it, I will write a post about lessons learned and my intake on those two workshops, cause sharing is caring :)

Other plans, are as follows:

  • Dance Salsa once again, by taking an intermediate course
  • Work out in a triathlon group (2nd phase when the next is working out for Iron Man competitions)
  • Learn Spanish (starting with Duolingo and, if needed, using Rosetta Stone as well)
  • Volunteer more at dogs' shelters (food for soul)
  • Learn to be a professional photographer 
  • Learn to play Guitar
  • Study Microsoft .NET (Udemy) to improve performance at work.
  • Digital advertising course (Udemy) - cause it's an interesting field and I could help many people who need it to market online their business (who doesn't need an online presence nowadays?)
Since I am autodidact, I can learn by myself photography (Udemy mostly), digital advertising, .NET and Spanish.

Now that I covered the above, let me talk in a more personal note. My parents are old folks. Recently my mom fell from a chair while standing on it, to get clothes from the upper part of the closet. She was in so much pain she couldn't stand and had to crawl to the kitchen to get to the phone and call my father for help. Me and my brother came up with the idea of getting her an eldery smart watch which she will wear at all times. This watch has many features, but the most important is the SOS call option (it has SIM slot) We can't prevent her from falling, but at least with this watch she will get help much faster. BTW, I have 2 uncles who also fell at home, but unfortunately had much more severe injuries. 
Generally speaking, with the advances of Technology, we will have more older people to take care of. And the direct consequence is that we need better solutions for taking care of them. Which reminds me, the sector of eldery people who requires solutions is very much social wise. I even tried to work at a CTO for such a startup (solution is a technology used at home) but didn't manage to stick with it. Alas, this field isn't interesting me much.

Let's wrap it up. My next 2 posts should be about lessons learned from my workshops I have registered. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

New app on its way

I am tired of the current situation of meeting new people and the current methods. It's not time and resource efficient at all, while results may vary from fail to semi-success (end results of the meeting process)

Like many fields in life, the first to arrive the finish line, would mostly likely to win (by pre-defined rules of the game or competition) My app will disable this FIFO so called service that the world lives by, giving all equal rights without the element of time first to get- first to win.

I am going to build an app that will minimize time waste and offer the best results for meeting new people for any pre-defined purpose. The algorithm will use AI and the project will use big data, mining, math calculations (deterministic and stochastic variables) analytics, etc.
Once I have MVP, I will run tests to train my algorithm to have better search results.
I will roll out a beta for friends once I get a stable version of the app.

Interesting times ahead :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Starting my work engine

It's been almost a year since my last post. It's time to update with news about myself. This post is long since I have lots to share and update, so bare with me.

Life's aspirations & Motivation

I have been doing some soul searching, thinking what I would like to do in life. Watching the latest Christopher Nolan's movie, Intersteller was the perfect timing for me to wonder about my life's aspirations, professionally speaking. How does a sci-fi movie relate to such a serious topic, you might wonder. Well, I have big dreams; I aspire to do good for humanity, the wider the effect, the better. A good inspiring video I came across lately (perfect timing #2) was of Jim Carrey

Now let's talk specifics, cause without a strategy no idea will propagate. I wish I could work with NASA to build things and research topics that will gain humanity on the large scale, like NASA has been doing since it was formed. Now, I am realistic on the other hand, and know that such a plan is hard to execute (never say never) and I need to do a lot of research before hand (howto, not to mention that I lack the knowledge of physics or any of the other life sciences required in NASA). Maybe I can start with smaller step like checking out the space center @Technion and check out Moona (new space center in the north), check with SpaceIL etc.

The second plan is more viable and 'easy' to execute, is to build an idea into a product (low-tech/high tech) a.k.a startup. Also, in the field the odds are not in my favor, but it really depends on the idea and the industry I am targeting to. If I take the Bitcoin world, since it's pretty new, the chances to innovate are bigger on one hand, but are more risky since it's a new world (crypto currencies).

Getting a job and being an employee at a company gaining experience in the field of my studies (Information Systems/ Industrial Engineering & Management) sound legit and reasonable, right? It sounds the only right thing to do (some might claim) but I want to do something valuable with my life, and not only gain money and to promote myself in the status chain. I must find something to do that will give me the satisfaction of helping the greater good (the more the better). That's me, that's Alex Cohen. That is my core belief and that is the guideline I choose to live my life by.

With these two plans, my main goal now is to sit down and devise a strategy. One by one small step towards fulfilling a bit larger steps and to grow from the base up. I will update when I have a more concrete strategy (back to the drawing board)

Current status 

I have moved to Tel-Aviv (center) since August (2014) due to work (read next topic)


I still work in the Bitcoin industry (what is Bitcoin?), but now more serious and more time dedicated. My job is to get things done in the IBA (Israeli Bitcoin Association) and help promote Bitcoin in Israel. I also started volunteering at the Bitcoin embassy (TLV) as an ambassador. The Bitcoin embassy is a space where people can come ask questions about it, buy Bitcoins at the ATMs located on its premises, get stickers and merchandise and so on. Soon the embassy will launch a pilot course about Bitcoin. Future projects are being planned. More to come soon.

Relating the current Bitcoin state in Israel, I have come to the conclusion that marketing and PR should be done more aggressively. I would do some research in order to come up with a viable plan in order to increase awareness in the public and using positive use-cases in order to promote Bitcoin in the eyes of the public. Real life cases of such events would have greater impact on the regulator and the government officials rather than promoting it directly in contact with them.

The IBA (Israeli Bitcoin Association) is working on a project(s) to facilitate Bitcoin usage in the academia, mainly for and by students. More details in the future.


Since I work closely within the Bitcoin eco-system, I get to expand my network and get familiar with startup guys. I participated a Bitcoin entrepreneur Meetup held in the Google complex at the Electra tower (TLV). The topic of the lecture was marketing. I have heard about the following course 'How to start a startup'. The Meetup was very productive.

On a general advice, I suggest you attend as much Meetups that interest you as you can. Both to enrich your knowledge and to expand your network.

Social Ventures (Technion course) advisor (pro bono

After meeting my professor whom I worked for as a TA (teaching assistant) in recent years, I have decided to re-join the course's teaching team. What is the course about? It's a Technion course for undergraduates and grad students that teach how to build a project from scratch in the lean startup methodology. I finished working there at May 2014. I have decided now to be part of the teaching team again in order to help students advance their projects outside the framework of the course and involve the class with more 'get out of the building' events, enriching the student's scope of the professional material taught during the semester. In the framework we will have a think tank that will be held about once a month or so, which the teaching team will find new ways to improve teaching and the course's material.I might evaluate course projects as well (I have been doing so 9 times/courses, but who's counting :P)
I have written a google document that serves as KB (knowledge base) for Startup and entrepreneur centers and events, that I have come across till now.  

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Updating my agenda list

It's been awhile.

I have a couple of things on hand and I need to decide what things I would like to focus on.

Things to consider:

  • Information system project- I need this project in order to gain experience in my field of expertise.
  • Bitcoin- I can gain IT experience while working in this field.
  • My venture (dream)- what is the next small step in order to maximize my work efficiency. I am currently checking a few leads in this issue. I will update when I will have solid information.   
I have updated my white board accordingly.

Wish me luck :-)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Post

Hello World! (WWW)

This is my first post.

In this blog I will talk about Innovation, Technology, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Social Ventures, Cooperatives, Bitcoin and other related topics.

A short bio about myself, I am an industrial engineer specializing Information System. I graduated the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in 2013. I am an entrepreneur at heart and I am currently working towards implementing my ideas (startup)

You are welcome to contact me by Email, LinkedInFacebook and Google+.

Alex Cohen, Beargineer